Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Talk to me in Korean (Korean Class for FREE)

While I'm busy sitting in front of the computer all day, my mind was also busy browsing on Google for scrapbooking sites and kpop related news and articles. However, I ended up hooked in Korean language class sites that I ended up blogging about it now! :)

Also, with the help of Sparkling magazine,( the mag  for Kpop fanatics like..ehem.. me! ) I looked into the following sites that offers free classes in learning basic Korean plus in each skill like reading, writing, listening, among others. 

Being a kpop fan and an English teacher for Koreans, I already know much of the basics in hangul. I can also write a bit in hangul. However, I want to have deeper lessons on the language. It's been a goal of mine to learn another language apart from knowing English, Tagalog, Cebuano and Pampango. 

So without further ado, here are some of the sites that you can browse and make you learn Korean in the easy way. Kekekeke. :)

Personally, I think this is the easiest one. They offer 15 lessons. Though each lesson was short and really simple. You can access the site free of charge. ;)

Good thing in this site is that it has audio blog for more precise pronunciation and also to help learners enhance their listening skills. It also offer free trial, though you need to register first to access their PDF files. This is my least favorite though. 

My favorite so far! It's easy to understand and it has audio too! It has 20 units and colorful instructional material which I think would be more fun for learners, especially for beginners. 

Tie with number 3! Another favorite as well! This learning site has 3 parts which is inclusive of 30 chapters of lessons all for FREE! If I would want to learn more of Korean basics, I would most likely proceed in this site! ^o^

Those are my personal fave sites. I would add more as the days, months, goes by. Hope this helps! :) Kamsahamnida! ♥ Jalga!


  1. Wheee. Thanks for sharing this. I watch a lot of Korean series, and I really want to learn their language.

  2. interesting.. i also want to learn how to speak in korean.. i'll try the links.. :)
    anyway, I tag you in my post. Please visit it in this link..


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