Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cleaning Kit for ONLY P20!

Hi guys! Jaycee (my boyfriend) and I went to the mall yesterday to purchase cd's at CD-R King. I'm a fan of the store because of their affordable finds. Anyway, yesterday turned out to be one of the happiest days for us. We had a great time chatting and joking around while enjoying our eat-all-you-can buffet at Partyland which I will be blogging next time. We didn't left until our belly bursts. hahaha..Well, every day is a happy day for me when I'm with Jaycee. Soooooo mushy! haha.. ^o^

I purchased some cd's and was about to pay at the counter when I saw the man before me paying for two cleaning kit and some cd's. Then when it was my turn, I ask the saleslady if the cleaning kit I just saw was for PCs and laptops and she said yes. I remember not having clean out the laptops and desktop at home for the longest time so I decided to purchase the product.

It consist of a cleaning cloth, liquid cleaner and a brush. I was even shocked to know that it was just P20.00. Yes! You read it right. So cheap and it's easy to use! 

The fabric used in the cleaning cloth is structured to have more surface area. Picking up more dirt and absorbing more water than the common cloth without scratching the surface. With the use of the liquid cleaner, this can remove all the stubborn dirt. This cleaning kit does not leave water residue and it is non-corrosive. The liquid cleaner provide a protective film to prevent it to prevent it from static and protects the screen from stubborn dusts. 

This cleaning kit is best used for LCD screens of personal computers or notebooks. It can also be used for mobile phones or PDA's. It will not leave any residue and will not affect the resolution of the screens. It can also be used to clean other appliances such as flat-screen or plasma TVs. The cleaning kit can also be used for cd's and dvd's. Fold the cloth and wipe it straight from the innermost of the cd to it's outer rim.

So I tried it earlier and it really works well on our computers. Everything has been cleaned really well. My sister even complimented me that I somehow made her laptop looks new again. LOL.

cleaning unnie's (korean for elder sister) laptop
cleaning OUR laptop. :)
Originally, this was Jaycee's but we call it our laptop and it spent more hours in my possession than in Jaycee's. haha..^o^ Well, that's how we loved each other. All his is mine and all mine are mine. Kidding! LOL.. :p

Cleaning is a breeze!
If I will review this product, everything is nice. It's easy to find since there are CD-R King in most SM or other malls. Also, it is really affordable for just P20.00. However, there's only one thing that would be given opportunity just in case. 

Notice that the liquid cleaner is not full. I tried to bend the bottle a bit to expose the liquid inside. Anyway, it still justifies its price. For P20.00, it is not much of a worry anymore. :)

Are you familiar with this product? Tell your comments about it! ^o^


  1. will look for it tomorrow. Nice find! :-)

  2. wow! it's really affordable! :) will buy the kit once I find time to visit CD-R king. :)

  3. you can find this in Cd-R KIng? Gotta get one for myself. Thanks for the tip. :-)

  4. wow, I need that little brush thingie!!! might just go there later.Thanks for sharing

  5. I admit cdr-king has some useful stuff but I'm not really a fan of the store. I mean with the long lines and written receipts? And not to mention some really weird and funny products. XD

    But that kit is really useful! Might as well buy.:) Thanks for sharing~

    Roselyn of Technowish.Net

    1. i agree with the hassle of the long lines. that's what I hate with the store.. but with the weird products, i'm open to it. :)

  6. Nice find. I will remember to get one when I have the chance to go to CDR-King.

  7. My keyboards need some cleaning. I'm a fan of CDR king too, they've got sooooo much products now. I just hope they're a little more sturdier.

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  9. Wow! Will go to CDR King to buy this. :)

    BTW, followed your blog through GFC. Hope you could follow mine as well.

  10. we had ours too a month ago :D yes, that's super duper cheap! :D


  11. Wow that's really so cheap, I'll try to buy this cleaning kit too.

  12. Wow! so affordable! thanks for this! will buy too! ;)

  13. great! will buy this tom:)

  14. Nice! very affordable. will buy too.

  15. Been buying one since 2010. Cheap finds, great finds indeed. That's why I'm a number one fan of CD-R King!

  16. so affordable talaga sa cd-r king. kaya jan din kami bumibili ng mga stuffs para sa computer namin.


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