Monday, February 25, 2013

PLDT myDSL’s best commercial for me is…

Hi everyone. I just had another great find. (^_~) Recently, I watched all PLDT myDSL Anna Banana commercials and I can say I'm really impressed how each commercial portrays a strong connection at home. It always promotes family bond among us Filipinos. 

PLDT myDSL’s best commercial for me is…the original Derek's Anna Banana Song which you can watch here. It shows how mothers are really supportive with their children. I can see myself with her mom. I used to do that to an idol group which I really really like. Even if it's just a simple view, I know I'm making them happy. :)

It's so cute that Anna Banana's video was a success and after the first one, it was succeeded with several videos which you can view below. Each has a very touching plot. ^_^

Remember that your home deserves unlimited sharing from the strong, reliable, family sized connection of myDSL. The strongest connections are at home, so visit to get your family connected today! :)

So subscribe now to PLDT myDSL Anna Banana YouTube Channel so you will be up to date with what’s happening to the Lorenzo family. :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home

Home is the one place in all this world where hearts are sure of each other. It is the place of confidence. It is the spot that gives you real comfort. It is where our heart is. ♥

Nobody beats a place like home. The best moments were those weekends where we spent quality time with our parents, sisters, brothers, cousins and loved one after a week's hard work. 

What better way to bond than to create happy memories in your home. Whether it's cleaning the house with the whole family because dusting is therapeutic for you or creating that smoothie after a general cleaning in the house. Then Electrolux is your best friend at hand. :)

Electrolux quiet revolution gives every home a quieter place to live-in. Now, your happy voices will be louder than those screeching mechanical whirr of your blender or that of your vacuum cleaner. Electrolux launched these appliances thinking that this is what you have in mind and what your home needs. Did I also mention that they are environment-friendly at the same time? These appliances consume less energy and at the same time lessens noise pollution. Oh what a breeze! 

These appliances are indeed one of the best things about spending a QUIET and RELAXING weekend at home. Who wouldn't want to grab one of these? Since I have plans of getting married soon and settling down, I guess this will be the best gift for a soon-to-be-a-married gal like I am or to everyone as well. Whatchathink? :) 

Follow them on their sites ^_^

Friday, February 22, 2013

THBoxes Jewelry Giveaway, Open Worldwide! ♥ (CLOSED)


Hello everyone. This post will be a little bit long since I need to apologize from you guys from abandoning this blog. It may not be an appropriate term but I can't think of another one. Actually, I am more active now with my new blog which is Cute and Dainty that focuses on beauty and fashion. It's the girly side of me. Feel free to visit my other blog because I also have a giveaway there right now. 

On the lighter note, I am having a jewelry giveaway sponsored by THBoxes. This is a giveaway comeback because I was MIA for months. The good news about this giveaway is that we don't only have a fix number of winners. The more participants we have, the more winners can be declared. Winners will be 10% of the participants number. Sounds cool right? So without further ado, let's start the giveaway.

THBoxes is a global online retailer that has been a worldwide business leader in selling blue-ribbon consumer goods since 2008. Their vision is to empower people worldwide in buying and selling online. Thboxes sells only high-quality, made-in-China products at prices lower than what you'll find anywhere else.

There are things you might want to know.
1. This giveaway is open for 15 days. Starts on February 23, 2013 and ends on March 10, 2013
2. The winner will be chosen few days after the deadline. Winner/s will be announced on my blog, facebook and on twitter.
3. There might be more than 1 winner, depends on how many people will join this giveaway.
4. If you win it, choose 1 jewelry item under $8 and you will get it FREE including FREE SHIPPING!
5. If you have question, just email me in
6. You have to follow me PUBLICLY so I can see you.
7. MOST IMPORTANT! You have to do ALL mandatory options or you will lose the chance to win the item. Refer to the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Joining is easy. This will only take less than 5 minutes and you are on your chances to win the jewelry of your choice. Please spread the love and promote this giveaway!


UPDATE: Winner announced! :) Check on the Rafflecopter box if you've won. If you did, email me at jayresa03(at)gmail(dot)com for the complete instruction on how to get your prize. I will wait for your email within 48 hours or your prize will be forfeited. I want to check if you really are reading my post. Peace! ^o^

Monday, February 4, 2013

Create a Virtual Closet and an Online Store with Clozette.

Hi bellas and gents. How was your weekend? As for me, I discovered this shop which is totally girly and love. Meet Clozette! ♥ is a social networking and shopping portal connecting a universe of urban and upwardly mobile women with a mutual passion in fashion and love all things beautiful. It allows you to:
  • Create and Organize your personal online closet.
  • Share and Socialize your closet beauties and styling ideas with members.
  • Shop for beautiful and eclectic fashion finds from around the globe.
Clozette Fashion Finds App is your perfect companion that allows you to stay fashionably connected even when you’re out and about. Whatever you do at Clozette Mobile will be synchronized real-time on the portal

Pretty right? You can have that all for FREE! Download your free app HERE.

Be a member and create your own virtual closet. You can have a collection and you can upload photos of your finds, mix and match inspirations, different looks you love and even your shopping list. It so cool and really addicting!

These are just some of the items I love! ^_^

If you also have plans in creating a FREE ONLINE STORE, Clozette is the best location to sell your items. It's so easy to create one. 

Here's all you need to get started:
  • Sign Up for a Clozette account with your Store Name as your Profile Name.
  • Get ready 20 items to upload to your Store 
It's fun, it's easy and best of all, its FREE! 

My goal this year is to create a fashion online store. When I have the capital to invest on my biz, I will surely do it with Clozette. :)

Be a member of Clozette and sign up HERE. Try out the application as well. I know you will surely love it! You can also sell your items for FREE, have your own virtual closet and did I mention that they also have a Bazaar? It is a Marketplace where you can Buy, Sell and Swap beauty and fashion items. They got tons on this site. Check them out on the following networks.

Visit their site now! I know you will surely love it! I did! ♥

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