Monday, September 17, 2012

Let’s Move & Let’s Love!

People are such great mysteries. Just when we think we have understood them, a wonderful new aspect shows in them. It's L♥VE! 

Love is all around me lately! Maybe because I had my first heartbreak few months ago and it opens up a new gateway for me to love even more. Lessons learned and things are changed. They say, 'Love is sweeter the second time around!' I say it's just the right taste!

I promise that:

Today: I am committing myself in loving and understanding more the world of men. I may not know all but I'll try my best to sort things out with my beau before the day ends. 
This week: I will commit to finish printing out our photos during our 4 years and scrapbook it. I always tend to forget that such thing like this is as sweet as a sinful chocolate cake!

This month: I am committing to volunteer in a few months time to give back to the people around me. I am joining Operation Smile for free operation for children who has cleft lip and cleft palate so they can share their smiles to the world. :)

Let's spread love everywhere. Even if it's not February, we can still do so, ayt?! :)

It's just like United Colors of Benetton launches two of their newest fragrances, Let’s Move for men and Let’s Love for women. They challenge you to move and love. After all, “moves and loves” are as everywhere as we make them to be. ^o^

Share L♥VE to everyone now! ^o^

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