Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Food Getaway: Chic-Boy (San Fernando)

Hello everyone! After a week of hiatus in my personal life, I'm once again alive and thankful to all the beautiful things happening around me. Goodbye to all the negativity! You don't know what I'm saying ayt?! Well, let's leave it to that! ^o^

Yesterday, J fetched me from a job fair where I tried submitting my CV. Much to my dismay, no one from 7 companies bothered to call me today so might as well, job hunt again tomorrow. Yes! I'm currently unemployed as of the moment but I'm claiming that I will get the job tomorrow. (agad-agad?) haha.. 

Anyway, let's go with the main topic of the post. After a tedious time yesterday, J treated me to Chic-boy - a newly, opened resto here in San Fernando. 

CHIC-BOY (Chicken at Baboy)
I'm craving to taste what they have in store so here's what we ordered:

Cebu Lechon Liempo (P125.00)
Ginisang Kangkong (P35.00)
Heard a lot of reviews about that famous ginisang kangkong! Let me tell you, it's just so yummy as it is! The vegetable was new because it's really crunchy and tasteful. Hope I can copy this recipe. ^o^

Looks yummy!

Inihaw na Liempo (with atchara - P99.00) 
I say you really must try eating at Chic-Boy. Not only they have a wide variety of meals but it's so affordable too! I personally like the Inihaw na Liempo that J ordered since their atchara was really delicious. 

They have unlimited rice meals which we had yesterday. They also offer free house soup that's really hot and good for the weather. It's a bit kinda gloomy kasi! haha.. 

Anyway, drinks are not inclusive of the meal and their Bottomless Iced Tea is P50.00. A difference of P5.00 from the regular one so we opted to make it unlimited. 

Overall experience was good. Though the place was a bit small but still they offer customers a lot! Thanks to my loving partner in food tripping J for bringing me there. I know you're reading this! Saranghe ♥

What's your Chic-Boy experience? Just leave me a comment. :)


  1. Replies
    1. I know they have somewhere in Manila.. just not sure exactly where.

  2. Chic Boy is emerging na. But I have yet to try to eat there. There's branch here in Sta Maria e. One of these days we will go and eat there.

    1. agree! there's even one in Angeles the last timeI've checked.. no need to go in Manila anymore.. hihi

  3. Liempo is one of Chic Boy's delicious foods! and I like their free soup! taste like Bulalo! :D


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