Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Hi my lovely readers! How's everyone? When I got home yesterday from an interview (I'm scouting for an item in a public school), I opened my email and to my surprise, I saw a message from Mommy Louise Antonette aka Mommy Practicality. You can visit her blog here

She left a comment on my blog saying she's passing on the Versatile Blogger Award and I'm one of the chosen few. Indeed, she's not mistaken at all! haha.. LOL. ^o^ 

This is the first citation I received in this blog and I'm really thankful that somehow, there are also other bloggers that sees my work as something to be awarded. Yay! From the bottom of my heart, thanks! :)

Now, let me repay the kindness to other blogs that caught my attention. The process goes like this: 
  • I have to acknowledge those who nominated me with a link back.
  • I have to tell 7 random things about myself.
  • Pass this on to 15 newly discovered blogs and tell them about it.

Seven Random Things about Myself!

1. I have Acrophobia. I rode the Ferris wheel only once.
2. I'm a collector of tissue with marks from different restaurants.
3. I played drum and lyre when I was 7. I learned the guitar when I was 18.
4. My ipod has no English song. All KPOP.
5. Whenever I wear watch, it's always in my right hand.
6. I have a big HUGE appetite for food. I knocked down all my co-teachers (even men) in eating. but I'm really thin. I don't get fat!
7. I'm REALLY not scared even if you will leave me in a dark room. However, I dislike watching horror films so much! 

15 Blogs I Choose (randomly)

Have fun visiting their blogs! :) Thanks to Mommy Practicality for the award. Really made my day yesterday! haha.. Have a great week guys! (^0^)))


  1. I so envy girls like you who eat to their hearts content and don't get fat at all. Lucky you! :)

    1. haha.. yep.. even friends are saying that they will wish to have my digestive system.. LOL

  2. Thanks for the link & award! Oooh will try to do the same. :)

    1. Wow Miss Jackie! I'm a fan of your. Thanks for commenting back. :)

  3. haist, I haven't posted the awards that was given to me a weeks ago.. i shall do it soon.. visiting from ComEx Oct2

  4. I do love heights! I love to ride ferris wheel. I even got a chance to be in an Octopus Ride. :D

    My phone is also compose of KPOP songs, specifically SNSD. :)

    New follower here.
    Mind following back?

    1. i'm an ELF rather. I love Seohyun of SNSD.. :)

  5. oh no... long overdue na rin ang pagrespond ko sa ganito ko... :D

  6. Congratulations for the award! I will never ride a Ferris wheel, haha.

  7. Congrats!!! I wish to receive one someday. yay! :)

  8. Congratulations ng bonggang bongga!


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