Friday, September 28, 2012

Gifts from Born Pretty Store! ♥

I received three packages today! It was so great that I wanted to blog about it. I have been active recently with my blog but sponsors and blessings are pouring in. ^o^

The first items are gifts from DFabShop for review along with a giveaway that you can join here. The second is from a Jewelry shop where I will blog about it soon. Lastly will be this one. It's from Born Pretty Store Shop.

Born Pretty Store is well known for nail art products that provides the best price and the best service! True! I've been a fan of nail art products and I always want to purchase from their store but didn't have the chance to because I don't have a credit card that I can use.

Echo was so kind introducing their shop to me and offering a $10 gift where I can choose from any of their products. First, he said that I can get a single product worth $10 dollars but then he made an exception and I can choose two products! He's so kind! So I opted to choose their New Nail Art Lovely Hello Kitty Stamp Template DIY Kit  and Magic Magnetic Nail Art Polish w/ Magnet Plate #10. 

Lovely items!
The package was tightly wrapped in bubble envelope and the nail polish was totally secured. I really like packages that secures their product because it only means that they give good service and wants their products to arrive safely to the customer.

From China with L♥VE! :)
Magic Magnetic Nail Art Polish #10
Magnetic Plate and Nail Art Lovely Hello Kitty Stamp Template DIY Kit

I will be making a review of the items this weekend. Just in time to change my nail polish! :) Also Born Pretty Store gives 5% off for me and for you guys. The code is THMOW21. The code is valid before December 30, 2012. 

5% off - code is THMOW21
Valid until December 30, 2012

You can also visit Born Pretty Store platforms here:
Youtube: Born Pretty Store  
Any reviews about their product and service? Comment down below! :) Have a great weekend guys! ^o^


  1. Nice kit. I am excited how it looks on your nails.

    1. me too! i'll try to do a post on this ASAP.:)

  2. When you do make a post about this product, could you include a step-by-step guide on how to use those stamps and templates? That would be of great help to us who aren't skilled at creating nail art. :D

    1. i would trymybest to create good nail art coz i'm just starting to learn on new things. :)

  3. Hi sis!

    I've passed on the Versatile Blogger Award to you, because you deserve it. Details on my blog: http(colon)//bit(dot)ly/V3QPOf Thanks!


    1. Wow really? I'll blog about this for sure. Yey! Thanks biggie. :)


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