Thursday, September 6, 2012

Game Review: SNAIL BOB on

Earlier today, my seven year old cousin was playing while I'm doing the dishes. I was so curious because every time that she's out in the game, there's the sound of cat meowing. So I ask her to save the game page so I could take a look at it. 

I already expected that it's one of those children's game. However, the design and challenge was really, really cute. That's why sometimes, he's asking my dad to help her out because it's a bit difficult for her age. I find it easy though but it will still make your mind do the work. Find out for yourself. offers more than 250 games and it's free of charge. That's where I found out SNAIL BOB. You will just need to help the snail to reach the other end. Simple? Take a look!

I enjoyed the game so much! Light and easy but challenging at the same time. You can recommend this to someone younger. Well, I'm still young at heart anyway. ♥ Experience it for yourself now! 

'Till then! Time to hit that website once more. ^o^


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