Friday, September 7, 2012

Food Getaway: Super Bowl of China (Gateway)

I was so happy to know that J dropped by in my blog the other day. He even liked my fanpage and it's surely a heartfelt gratitude from him. My boo was clueless that I have managed a blog since I don't speak of this too much with him. I'm a frustrated writer you know. The reason why is because first, this is just new and second, I don't want him to see that my blog stats are just low. I'm afraid that he won't be proud of me. Let's just say I want to boast a little on him when this blog got more readers. He proved me wrong! Hearing from him that he's so proud of what I did makes the butterflies in my stomach more crazy! I am more grateful! (^o^) 

This was supposed to be ahead than the post yesterday but I tried editing the pictures since I don't have that HD quality camera I'm eyeing for. Well, thanks to for helping me out!

Last week, me and J went in Manila to pick some 'stuff'. A huge one! We left too late in Pampanga so we finished late with our agenda as well. We managed to hold our hunger and ate around 4:30pmso we agreed that it's late lunch and early dinner - LUNNER? Eeew! I don't have the talent to make up words! haha.. So up we went to Super Bowl of China in Gateway!

fish crackers
They served us with fish crackers right at the very moment even before we place ourselves on our seats. Thumbs up for their customer service! :)

camwhoring while waiting for our orders!
ORDER for table #3! (except for the DQ!) ^o^
Shoot! I totally forgot the name of this! 
Mango Shake for me! (P80.00)
Calamansi Juice for J! (P75.00)
J's presentation 1st attempt!
J's presentation 2nd attempt! hihi ^o^
Taho (P90.00)
award for the best TAHO - so far! ^o^
before and after effect! LOLS.. :)))
I miss everything about this! I miss eating out! I miss being with J! He's so busy and occupied lately so until our next adventure my foodie buddy! I love you much, you know that! *kisses and hugs* 

P.S. I'll get back on that main dish' name over there! Surely J must have remembered it! (~!^)

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