Thursday, September 13, 2012

BC Bloggers' Meme: 5 Inspirational Quotes You Live By

I opened my email earlier and discovered a new topic for our meme this time. The topic was just in time for my current situation right now. I need to be inspired by quotes. Let's just say that I'm currently facing one of the most difficult ordeal in my life. I need to get going.

Here are 'some' of the inspirational quotes (randomly) that I always bear in mind. 

I also write to express, not to impress!

This is just so random and these quotes are only some of the few I have in mind. I got so many quotes running  through my mind but I'mtired of chasing after them. 

What quotes can you share dear readers? Have a great day ahead! :)


  1. I like that...people feeling my means I made an impact somehow. I just hope people don't call me up when I'm on vacation lol! You have great quotes yourself. :-)

  2. haha.. you're funny! :> made me smile.. thanks :D

  3. Ilove the first one. I always strive to make others feel my absence. That's how to get attention. lol

  4. I so agree with the last quote. Sometimes we forget our value, eh. :)

  5. Do what makes you happy did well said everything! I love all of the quotes! Very inspiring :) thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the first one. I also write to express and not to impress others.All of us were not born to please everybody as the heart of every post is being real.

  7. this is how we should live life..:)

    Hope you can check out my share here.

  8. Inspirational indeed. Whatever situation you are right now, surely those quotes you have will be of big help. :) Just keep your head held high and always have a great one! :)



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