Friday, September 28, 2012

Joining Mye's Blog Make-Over Giveaway!

I was bloghopping earlier when I saw a giveaway that really grabbed my attention. Just a quick info on me, I've been a huge giveaway fan before. I've been joining giveaways endlessly and being lucky at the same time. Suddenly, I just stopped because it took much of my time! However, this pretty much got my attention since I'm already trying to, if I may say, upgrade my blog in every possible way I can though I was limited in some aspects. For one, I can't purchase my own domain since I would need a credit card for that and of course, moolah! I just don't have money now since I am currently looking for work. Also, I really and truly want to get my blog revamped! God just lead me the way! ^o^

I am now joining Mye's Blog Make-Over Giveaway! Mye is a graphic designer and owner of where she does make-overs for blogs. You can visit her site here.

The Prizes includes:
-Blog Design customization with up to 3 revisions (worth over $150)
Grab Badge

I am not techie myself so I haven't had the chance to create a badge or even a banner of some sort for my own blog. So I wouldn't miss this for the world! :)

If you want to join, visit her site HERE. Her instructions for joining are very simple. Giveaway will end on October 10, 2012 so hurry up and join!


  1. Good luck to you. I hope you'd win it. I'm visiting from CommEx.

  2. I could use a blog makeover :) I'm still using wordpress stock template.

  3. I also need a blog makeover, I was hoping to do it myself but getting a professional to help would be even better! :) Thanks for the info and goodluck to us!


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