Sunday, April 22, 2018

How To Protect Yourself Online

It is horrible to think that you'll wake up one day and lose all your important details and information online or discovered that you were hacked. 

That dreadful thing happened to me sometime time last year and I was too afraid to lose all my hard-earned money online. Being hacked is so bad that I think I am on the verge of losing my sanity that moment. The fear that the hacker was getting on all my social media accounts and even tried messaging me with a laughing face on FB was no joke. I feel he was playing with me and showing me his powers that he can steal all my data. It is scary, really! Good thing I was able to retrieve my money back and retrieve back all my accounts. Thanks to my very quick thinking on the solutions on what to do and to those people at the back of each customer service support who assisted me until the end of the fight. Yes, it seems like a battle because it is. 

So when I discovered MFA, I knew exactly that this is the way to avoid that experience. You know you'll get protected from unauthorized access even to your critical corporate data. In my experience, I actually thought that it's good that it was my personal that was accessed because if it was the data related with my works, I'll be sure be dead. 

Now, most of my accounts has several factor authentication just to be safe. The saying which is "It is better to be safe than sorry" still lives through. So act now before it's too late!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Play out of the box game- online bingo!

How about the idea of trying something out of the box today that not only provides you fun but also helps you to earn some extra money just by sitting at home? Great, isn’t it? Well, online bingo game is one such thing that gives you an entertaining as well as a rewarding experience under one roof.

The game has been making the punters go crazy with its utmost fun and convenience factor! No other game has been so easy to play and that too it is coupled with an endless shower of decent prizes.

The only thing you have to be very careful about while choosing to play bingo games is the selection of a proper site. With so many sites coming up every time, you might be a little confused as to which site to play at to have a safe gambling experience.

The best way to choose an appropriate site is to do quite a bit of survey. You can go through the site reviews on popular portals to get a better knowledge of their credibility and services provided.

Besides offering a reliable platform, a suitable site should come up with an exciting range of games ensuring honest payouts coupled with decent bonus packages and promotions.

Such a combination of incredible games and offers at the site not only makes your money worth investing but also give you the opportunity to make it big everytime.

The sites use encrypted coding facilities that include every participant’s banking and other details in a safe manner. Such secured servers never let the information to be acquired by any third party except in cases when the site operators need it.

Visit GameVillage site licensed by Cozy Games Management Limited to play bingo at the best site packed with an unlimited set of games, bonuses and events. To know more about the site, you can also read the game village review on

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Bingo is on my mind round the clock!

Do you have a passion to try something new and innovative in every aspect of your life? Well, every individual on earth more or less grows an interest towards trying out the latest trends.

Women especially are often more fascinated over the idea of fashion and styling. They simply love to keep themselves updated with the newest thing in the town. Trying out the newly patterned dress or the hottest lip color of the season or the latest designed pair of stilettos- a matron’s wish to taste newness is just never ending! 

A touch of trend can be sensed even in an individual’s lifestyle or in the types of cuisine they love to try their taste buds on or in the types of places they love to visit- experimenting with modernity simply knows no bounds! 

The inculcation of creativity and innovation in any category of things brings in variety to your day to day life. Changes is for good and it reduces sameness or monotony from the universe! This surely makes the world the most suitable place to live in. 

The feeling of experiencing newness with a blend of freshness is simply unparalleled! Every element undergoes changes with the changing seasons or times to give you an opportunity to explore, learn and grow in a better way in your life. 

Have you heard of the in-thing named bingo patterned or designed outfits? The fashionable bingo themed apparels have spread like a wildfire especially among the bingo lovers! The fans of bingo not only enjoy the games but also love to introduce bingo in their daily stuffs of life. 

So, come and register now on the popular site New Look Bingo to play the super exciting games of bingo that are always coupled with incredible prizes. Do not just play the game but also try out the stylish bingo T-shirt for that extra fun!

Monday, April 21, 2014

3 Wardrobe Essentials for Summer

The sun is blazing hot and everyone wants a soak at the beach or even merely in their own tubs. We always look on ways how to minimize the summer feel. While doing so, let me give you some tips on what to wear this summer so you'll just shout fun, fun, fun in the sun! :)

1. Floral Dress
Stay cool and look great with the perfect summer dress.

 2. Jumpsuits
Pack this alternative to the effortless dress on your next beach getaway as a cover-up during the day.

3. Pastel Everywhere
 'Tis the prettiest candy hues this season. Indulge it a bright and sweet shade.

They say summer is one of the best season to dress up. You can just slip in some flip-flops and you're good to go. You have the excuse to show off some skin too! Agree? 

For more summer pieces, or even after summer, you can check Zalora for more fashionable summer pieces. :)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Game Review: Snail Bob 3

I stayed up late last night because of playing this new version of Snail Bob. I discovered this when my step-cousin played Snail Bob 1 and from then, I find this game very simple and cute at the same time. It also makes the kids to learn how to face one's difficulty in every task. 

I played Snail Bob 1 and 2 and find it amazing for kids. I know I'm old enough for this but I just can't help playing it. So cute! 

You can try visiting the site here and play to your hearts content! ♥
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