Monday, September 10, 2012

Food Getaway: Gerry's Grill

J picked me up yesterday afternoon for a quick dinner date. We just stroll around the mall and ate at one of the best Pinoy restaurants in the country - Gerry's Grill!

On top of serving affordable and delicious food, they also provide good customer service. Servers and even the manager were really kind enough to always double check on us if we already have everything we need. :)

Since it's dinner time, we opted to eat quite little than what we were used to. By the way, we always eat a lot! ^o^

I let J ordered anything for me since we always share everything especially during meal time. 

3 cups of rice (P32.00) and a viand (P235.00)
Beef Kaldereta (P235.00)
melon shake for me (P76.00)
bottomless iced tea for J (P70.00)
J's plate presentation. 
J always order bottomless if there's a need to. He eats and drinks a lot and I love him for that. He always has an appetite for food. If only I can cook an entire meal for him, it would be awesome!

We also ordered a dessert which is Double Trio for P145.00 which I think was not captured. Credits for J who took the photos. I left my poor, low quality camera at home. haha.. 

So when was your last Gerry's Grill visit? Comment here. :)

P.S. They have a discount card which entitles customers for freebies when they reach a thousand. Sad that I didn't had the chance to renew our card months before because I'm unaware that it's expired already. The manager told us that they will have a new replacement card by next week. Maybe it's a sign for another Gerry's Grill treat? Hmmmm. *wink*

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  1. My favorite from Gerry's is their sisig! crispy and delish! ;)


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