Friday, August 17, 2012


As I wrote on my last post, SIHAE (SIwon and dongHAE) of the KPOP group Super Junior went here last Wednesday. The sadness occurred to me just now that I wasn't able to attend the event and realized that all the photos from Trinoma were real. T___T

Good thing there's SPAZZING! I was online the whole day to check twitter updates from the boys. Here's the first picture I saw.

Donghae tweeted that they're on the plane to Manila!!!

Next is from Siwon with their photo at Trinoma and ELFs at the back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There were 20,000 ELFs who gazed the event.

A video on their arrival at the airport. ELF's were really uncontrollable.

Got the video from YT. :)

Still photos from my sister. The perfect definition of spazzing. Kahit ano lang... :)

All Photo credits to my sister: @16felice 

OMG! These boys are really so handsome! The next time that they'll be coming, I really want to see them for real. I just hope I have more time on spazzing because I'm currently at work now and it's still few days from now before we end. I miss fangirling!

If you happen to see this post and you were at the event, please share that moment to me! Comment anytime below. :)

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  1. Ohh, now I know who are SIHAE! They're cute and so many peeps going gaga over them! :)


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