Sunday, August 12, 2012


Being an avid fan of Super Junior or what you call ELFs, it's ALWAYS been a requirement to attend KPOP events. From album launching to SUPER SHOW (concert) itself, an ELF (Everlasting Friend) should always be present. Making yourself absent in school, requesting advance day-offs or half day at work are normal conditions when we're talking about spazzing on our favorite hallyu stars! We wouldn't miss it for the world! :p

teaser photo
On August 15, Choi Siwon and Lee Donghae of the famous KPOP group Super Junior will be here in Manila!!! They are endorsing the Superbench Collection from Bench. Bench meets KPOP lang ang peg! I personally like the blue Sorry Sorry tee. It also comes in females sizes which is a request of most ELF's here in the country. I'm going to buy from their collection soon once I'm out here in the camp.

I was so excited to hear the news that they'll arrive but I can't help but cry because I'm committed in a one-month project based job and I can't request for an off at work just for the sake of seeing stars coming in the country. If they only know how it really means to me! :'( I even thought of not coming to classes but I have no choice because I'm a stay-in teacher and it's pretty obvious that I will attend the event and just leave the children with no teacher which is also difficult for me.  Why the hell Ben Chan didn't chose to make it in the weekend anyway??? Uurrgghhh!!!

Here are some of the photos that can be seen on different Bench outlets all over the country and they're in billboards too! :)

One Earth and Super Bench (I prefer the 2nd one)

SIHAE with Ben Chan
SIHAE's Billboard in Guadalupe

Pity! I can only spazz here. :( I hope those who would make it would post more photos and videos of the boys. I feel so awful I couldn't come!!!

Anyway, if you have time and love the boys, just proceed to Trinoma on Wednesday, August 15, 2012. Lucky 700 who won the Bench raffle who would be in front of the boys!!! My spirit would be with you. haha. :D


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