Wednesday, August 8, 2012

BC Bloggers' Meme: 5 Countries I Want to Visit Before I Retire

I've been a fan of traveling to different places. Just last June, I went to Southern Leyte all by myself! I decided impulsively because of some reason but it's a start of something new for me. It's my first time to travel alone and first to ride the plane. Yes, at 25, I got my first taste of feeling above heavens!

taken from my good ole' cam :) Hakuna Matata!
When I opened my email from BC bloggers, I saw the meme and the link exchange so I decided to join. This will push me to save more and visit the places I want to go to someday. Let's begin the countdown. :)

5. SPAIN. 

I love Spain's majestic masterpieces when it comes to cathedrals and huge churches. Same with their cultures and traditions. On top of that, I also wanted to learn how to speak their language and looking forward to attend a Spanish class soon.

Spain's cathedral
Malvarrosa beach
bull ring


On top of being a KPOP fan, I love how rich the culture of Koreans are. The way they dress, speak, write and I had hands-on experiences already from my previous jobs mingling with them and I can say they're not too distant from us. I've been friends with some of Korean nationals already and I came to love them. My topmost goal now is to visit their place soon. I want to see their palaces! Hmmm, maybe early next year??? I hope so! :D

the ever famous Jeju Island
Namsan Tower


I was not aware then until my boo introduced Aurora Borealis' photo to me and I fell in love right at the very moment I saw it. I don't know if I'm just in awe with the quality of the photo or if it's the real image I'm seeing. It's one of the reasons why I want to go to Alaska aside from wanting to experience their weather there. 

Aurora Borealis


I would exchange my most expensive authentic handbag for a tour in Japan to see the Cherry Blossoms. I'm just at my busy moment and I thought I cannot travel alone, but now that I can, this will be first on my priority list of spots someday.

the wonderful Cherry Blossoms!
Japan's palace
Japan's art


Number 1 on my list is the unbeatable France. I would love to visit and tour around the place one day before I die. I would love to see the Eiffel tower and the Louvre Museum the most! I would be the most delighted person after that. :)

Louvre Museum
Eiffel Tower
That's it! My countdown ends here. I will make it a point to travel locally first before moving internationally. What about yours? Comment down and share. :)


  1. Awesome choices of places to visit. Same here, a KPOP fan too and die hard Kdrama fan. And oh, we have the same reason of visiting Spain.

    Visiting here from BC Bloggers Meme..hope u could visit back. Mine is posted here

    1. really? what's your most favorite group? ELF here.. :D . Will visit yours. Thanks for dropping by Chie. :)

  2. Great list there Tet and the photos you've selected were great too! I remember I had two Spanish subjects back in college, If only I seriously studied it, going Spain would be great! :)

    Here's my list too:

    1. agree! How I want to speak that language so much!!!

  3. Same here I want to visit Spain and learn how to speak Spanish :)

  4. I enjoyed a lot in your blog tet, it's the only blog that get my attention to click and read your articles. thanks i wish i can travel also to those list of beautiful places u have here.

  5. Great choices! I love your blog..from thrifty finds( which is helpful to us) to enchanting us to these places.

  6. Oh god, what a beautiful places to visit, it's in my bucketlist too! I love to travel the world, Hope our dreams come true someday! :)


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