Friday, August 31, 2012

BC Bloggers' Meme: Top 5 Blogs You Regularly Read.

Earlier, while waiting and fixing some things here in our PC, I open my email and checked BC Blogger's Meme for this week. It's about the blogs I regularyly read. To be totally honest, I haven't been so active in visiting blogs lately because of work and other important matters I'm attending to. However, this topic interests me so I'm jotting down my top 5 fave blogs! ^o^

This is Vern Enciso's Blog. I just like browsing in her site for fashion inspiration. :) I like how she mix and match ensembles according to her girly personality!

I so loveeee this girl! Super pretty yet really humble with her readers. She also manages to reply to everyone she can. I also like how she pulls off high-end fashion. Another thing: she's from CEBU! :) Proud Cebuana! 

I am a subscriber on Ms. Shen's site and I tell you, her post are really informative and at the same time, it reaches all kinds of readers. She also has great photos too! :)

Super humble and down to earth woman. She always gives me a reply whenever I ask her about some stuff. She also has great taste in fashion. With her petite figure, she can still pulls off fashionable pieces. She's my inspiration that I can also dress up despite of being too boyish. ahaha.. :)

I love all of her post especially when it comes to nail art! I'm a huge fan of nail polishes and I just love how she can put aesthetic sense on her nails! Arrghh! How I wish I have a talent (and the nails) like her! :)

These are just some of the blogs I regularly visit! When I have more time, I visit more blogs. I hope next time it's 10 or more blogs you regularly visit eh?! :)


  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing, I'll be checking out these blogs as I also love dressing up..and you know what...I'm petite too...also 5"...and no hopes of growing any taller as I'm 34 yo now..but that shouldn't stop us from looking good right? Visiting from the meme :)


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