Sunday, August 19, 2012

Missing Hello Kitty!

Summer camp is over for me and once again, I miss my Korean students! Last time I checked, I'm less a fan of Hello Kitty but because of these children, I came to love the cat! Wherever you go, Kitty's always there in our room. :)

my roommates
Well, this post is not about the heartbreaking separation me and my students had yesterday and earlier but I just browsed these old photos in my drive and found some Hello Kitty inspired dresses. Oh how I miss these kids!

The photos are from America's Next Top Model British Invasion. I picked out my faves. :)

Sophia Summer

Eboni Davis

Catherine Thomas
Seymone Cohen-Fobish
Laura LaFrate
Annaliese Dayes
Alicia White
What's your pick? :D

P.S. I really miss my Korean students!!! When I go to Korea ONE DAY, I will meet them! :)

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