Monday, October 29, 2012

Nail Polish Haul!

It's been my dream to achieve long and strong nails so I can make cute nail arts or put different polishes in it! Whenever I see nail polishes, it's like a magnet that makes me buy different shades and try them. This post will justify what I mean. ^o^

These are the latest nail polishes I got. I may be busy not posting an NOTD but I will do it with these babies soon!

Nail polish haul!
These are combination of OPI, Nailtopia and Caress. My favorite so far are the cute OPI which I got for free from the US where I won from a giveaway. :)

Pirates of the Caribbean Limited Edition OPI nail polishes!

Caress in Neon Red, Daffodil and Blue!

Nailtopia in Brown, Orange and Pink (The pink doesn't look like pink!)
I got the OPI ones for free! It's like a trial bottle since it's so small and really cute! Caress polishes are for P23. 95 each at Isetann. I bought the Nailtopia polishes for P60.00 each at Marquee Mall with a promo: Buy two take one for free! So I got three instead. :)

I will be posting an NOTD tomorrow on one of these polishes. I need to limit my haul especially if it's about nail polishes. Again, pardon my camera shots since I really can't get the exact color of the shades! *sigh* Badly need a new HD camera soon!

Got any haul lately? I love checking hauls! Comment back!:D


  1. Wow! you're so lucky! Love to make a nail art too when I'm bored! woot. Can't wait to your notd! :)

  2. You can become the nail polish princess! haha. lots of nail polish posts in here.

  3. You have a nice collection of nail polish... my daughter will love this... surely :-)

  4. hi sis, i want to check what would be the result of pink nail polish as top coat and blend with orange.

  5. Im envy. Gosh such a girly thing. I waaant!

  6. Wow, vibrant hues. I envy ladies who can wear nail polish :( I'm allergic to these.

  7. Wow! Lovely lovely colors! Maybe I can find time to paint my nails tonight :)

  8. wow, i wish i could get a lot of nail polish too! i've been sticking to black and red for the past few months. maybe it's about time to check out some of the shades you have here.

  9. Nice color collections there.

  10. pretty collection want to try these colours :) stay blessed


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