Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Books for SALE!

Hi guys! I know I'm missing a lot lately on my blog. I was kinda sick this past few days and not to mention that I'm processing some papers for my ranking in public high school. I will give an update on a different post  regarding that matter. 

Earlier today, I went to SM to buy some cd case for some orders. If you're following me on Facebook, you know what I mean. ^o^ After getting the cds, I went to Booksale, my official tambayan when I'm tired of walking inside the mall. Then I realize upon looking on the books, I need to make a room if I will purchase new books. So upon going home, I decided to let go on some of my beloved books and sell them.

Now I was thinking, if I will sell these, will my readers be interested in buying them and pay for the amount of shipping? I tried to ship a book for a friend's birthday before and I was charged by LBC for more than 200+++. (I forgot the exact prize!)

If you happen to be in Pampanga, then I can meet you. However, you should purchase 2 books and up. :) Now, let's test the waters, shall we?

For One More Day (Mitch Albom) - P110
Angela's Ashes (Frank McCourt) - P110
*Skipping Christmas (John Grisham) - P130
'Tis (Frank McCourt) - P140
*The Guardian (Nicholas Sparks) - P260
The Purpose Driven (Rick Warren) - P150
The Accidental Tourist (Anne Tyler) - P110
Message in a Bottle (Nicholas Sparks) - P210
Did You get What You Prayed For? (Sullivan and Kise) - P120
5 Things You Need to Do Before You Die (Bo Sanchez) - P110
*My Daddy Died and It's All God's Fault (Holden) - P90


If you'll notice, they're all big. I was thinking how much would the price be for the shipping. Anyway, if you happen to be interested, I will be in Manila to watch the Bigbang concert on Wednesday so you can meet me up in MOA if you want to buy a/the book/books. haha.. ^o^

Now, here's the catch, for every two books you purchase, you can choose one free book on the photo below. :)

NOTE: All books are second-hand. Still in good quality. :)



Speaking of books, if you happen to have books that you're not using anymore, be it schoolbook, novels, magazines, encyclopedia, dictionaries and the like, you might want to give them to The Book Campaign where they will forward it to the schools in Benguet that needs books. For more info, you can email Charlton here - wsa.charlton(at)gmail(dot)com ^0^

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