Saturday, October 6, 2012

Samsung Makes BIG BANG ALIVE!

I'll admit. I'm not really a die hard fan of BigBang. Though I must admit that if given the chance I would really like to see them in flesh. I don't memorize all of their songs unlike other KPOP group but I have a pretty number of videos and songs of them in my phone. 

So on October 24, Philippines is really lucky to have a chance to meet BigBang on Mall Of Asia. Aside from that, I will be most lucky if I will have the chance to see them rehearsing before the concert! I would be the most thankful person for October. haha.. ^o^ 

Thanks to Samsung for giving the opportunity to make it happen. They really made the BigBang ALIVE and kicking here in PH!!!

Earlier, me and my boyfriend were strolling around the mall and found out Samsung's line of phones. We were trying out all phones when suddenly SIII caught my attention with their unique hues. I can't help but compare BigBang to the style colors. I think the Garnet Red in Samsung Galaxy SIII fits Taeyang, GD and TOP because they have very cool and unique styles like in their hairstyles and in fashion. White for Seungri's delicate yet striking image and titanium silver for Daesung's captivating personality! Oh how I like those boys! ^o^

If you want to see them or win a ticket for their concert on the 24th, click the picture below and follow the mechanics in joining! 


Good luck everyone! :)

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