Saturday, October 27, 2012

My BigBang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 Experience!

I admit! I'm not a V.I.P. or what you call a certified BigBang fan but I definitely said yes to my sister and my friend when they offered me to watch the group's concert. Needless to say, I'm a kpop fangirl by heart so seeing kpop idols in flesh is indeed a must if it's possible. So last Wednesday, October 24, '12, me and Gel went to Mall of Asia Arena to witness BigBang's event!

It was my 3rd time to witness a kpop concert, the first two was Super Junior's SS2 and SS3. Yes! I'm an ELF! I even got an Upper A last SS3 worth more than 5k in Araneta Coliseum. Friends wouldn't understand and would just raise an eyebrow about it! I prefer not to explain anymore. haha.. 

So my BigBang experience was indeed one of the unforgettable this year. For one, this is the great bonding time with my friend Gel who was the most excited about the event. Second, it's first time to see BigBang plus it's my first time to watch in MOA Arena! Thanks to Gel and my sister for the ticket. :)

Without further ado, let me show you some photos of the event. I hate the fact that my camera won't give justice to the wonderful memories we had last time. Maybe it's really time to save for a new one! 

Gel and my ticket! Gen. ad! :)
OOTD with Seungri, TOP, Taeyang, GD and Daesung!

(Sunglasses from Firmoo, TShirt from Artwork, Shorts and Belt from Romwe, Yellow Bag from Heartstrings, Gladiators from Boccalo)

I don't have time to pose for OOTD that day since it's a super busy day and everyone's so hyper that you don't have a choice but to join all activities by the sponsors. It was such a fun-filled event. 

Gel and I joined Samsung Galaxy's activities so we received a BigBang Alive Tour baller which is also use in a fan service called Mission Blue plus a free photo op courtesy of Samsung! :)

baller plus ticket for a photo op! :)

cute mission blue! ^o^

Guess who???
Maybe Sandara invited Joseph Bitangcol to watch! hahaha.. By the way, since 2ne1 and BigBang are in the same entertainment, Dara gave her support to the boys so she was also at the concert who silently enjoyed all the performances. :)

We also transferred to Jeju Air's booth who are giving post it's and pens. I got Seungri and Taeyang for my pen and TOP in my post-its. While waiting in line I saw Sparkling's editor-in-chief Eunice Lucero and managing editor Gigi Yia in the event. I can't miss this chance so I asked Miss Eunice to pose for a photo and she smiled and agreed to it. :)

Miss Eunice Lucero and Miss Gigi Yia
As much as I wanted to post all the photos, not all are in good quality so I'm just choosing some. My sister was early and lined up at 8am. Since me and Gel arrived from Pampanga, we were there around 11am. The show started at 8pm and the long line was really excruciating but it's all worth it when the performance started.

Photo before the concert!

During the concert!

One word: Daebak! I wish they would come here again and have a longer concert time like 3-4 hours. haha.. Thanks to Samsung Galaxy and Jeju Air for sponsoring the event and for the freebies! Lovelots! ♥

Take home BigBang merch! Freebies galore!
 Did you watch the concert? How's the experience? Share! ^o^


  1. Wow! The concert was full loaded! Not a fan of korean tho but didn't know that 2ne1 was there! #regrets :p

  2. Wow! Ang dami na palang talagang mga Pinoy na hilig na ang mga Kpop performers. I thought Big Bang is the American comedy series, iba pala nasa isip ko, hehehe! I'm glad you enjoyed the concert sis. Visiting from CommEx 10/23.

  3. The KPop industry has really made a big name in the entertainment world. Fro the looks of you pics, the concert was sure a blast. Great for you. :-)

  4. I live in the land of Disney Junior, Baby TV, and Nick Jr so have no idea about these kpop groups. :( Big Bang must be a real great group if people lined up for 12 hours just to be able to watch them!

  5. 12 hours na pila? You must really like them!

  6. That's great! Experiencing a concert like that. Not a KPOP fan that's why I didn't try to have tickets.

  7. I'm not really a KPOP fanatic like my two sister but I do get updates because of them. And I'm starting to live as a KPOP fan. :) My sister wanted to go to an SNSD concert, also the Dream Concert. :D It's nice that you get the chance to see the concert.

  8. OMG!!! You went?!?!?! I'm also not a huge Big Bang fan even though I love their songs (I'm an ELF and my bias is Heechul), but I'm so envious. I've never been to a KPop concert and I think I'd never be to one. The tickets are too pricey! I'd rather spend the money on my kids. Better yet, add it to their trust funds.


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