Wednesday, July 25, 2018

New Vegan Hair Dye From Lime Crime

Many consumers today look for products that look help them look fabulous. They want items that let them express their personalities and show off how they feel at any given time to the whole world. They particularly want makeup that allows lets them head to the office or any job site and then hit a formal cocktail party with the boss and potential investors right after work is done. Products that easy to use are also at the top of any modern woman's list. She wants modern items that are designed with her express needs in mind. At the same time, they also want items that let them be assured that everything they buy is made from ingredients that are all about being as ethical as possible. Ethical products mean many things to many people. For many women, ethical products are products that use ingredients that are about husbanding the earth's resources wisely and treating all living creatures with the respect they deserve. 

From the Very Top 

Any look typically starts at the very top of the head. Many women today pay close attention to their hair. Hair sets the stage for the rest of the look. A woman wants the option of understated hair color for a job interview. She also wants something that has some zest and kick to it. Many women are happy to experiment with different hair possibilities. One week they might pick out something that's dark and fits their inner thoughts. Another week it's time for something more exuberant that is all about contemporary fun and using color well. This is why they are pleased to find lots of choices for hair dye on the market. Just like makeup, they look for hair dye that has been made in accordance with their highest personal standards. 

Vegan Possibilities 

Those at Lime Crime know that women want to have lots of fun with their look. They also want to make sure the hair dye they buy is made with ingredients that are not only safe but also use vegan principles. Veganism is a concept that aims to make sure that people make thoughtful choices about what they choose to consume. Vegans care about every single thing they buy. Many people try to adhere to the ideals of veganism when buying personal products. This includes hair dye. This is why those at Lime Crime have introduced a new line of hair dyes. The new dyes are not only made with modern fashion principles in mind at all times. Each product is also made from entirely vegan ingredients. This makes them a great choice for those who love to use hair dyes and get creative with their choices. 

Unicorn Hair 

The new product line is known as unicorn hair. Like many other such products from Lime Crime, the dyes come in wild, intense colors. People will find choices that include Bunny which is a vivid shade of deep pink. Other shades that speak of fun and delight include a bright shade of violet purple dubbed Pony. Thirteen bold colors make it easy for people to find the one they like best. These shades are designed to last and then fade slowly and gracefully. They're also entirely vegan as they have been with vegetable dyes that provide glorious color without the need to use harsh chemicals that may damage the user's skin or their hair in the long-term. In addition, such products are not tested on animals at any time. This means that women can buy them with great confidence, knowing they are getting quality hair dyes they can love.

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